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Why lettings is all about the perfect fit

As we know, one size doesn’t fit all – for example two jumpers could look the same but one could be too big, too long, or just generally be uncomfortable.The same goes for most things in life, one gym may suit your needs over another, and one festival appeal to your tastes more than another – although how anyone can not enjoy themselves at REWIND, I have no idea!  When it comes to lettings, the same philosophy applies: it’s all about the perfect fit.

When we talk about the perfect fit in lettings, we’re not just talking about finding a tenant eager to rent your property, there are many more factors that come into play. 

First, we want to make sure that your property meets their needs, as the last thing you want is a restless tenant who is eager to end their tenancy because they had underestimated their commute to work, or the location is too loud, or too quiet.  Does your property provide them with the space they need, and will any compromises become big issues further down the line? Getting to know each tenant can greatly improve the success of a tenancy; we want them to be happy living there, as the happier they are, the more likely it is that they will want to make the property their long-term home.

Affordability plays a huge role. Although we can’t predict the future, using an independent referencing agency we can gather as much evidence as possible to enable you to make an informed decision.  We encourage tenants to provide as much evidence as possible, and not to solely rely on the standard documentation – references from previous landlords and an employer can give you a better understanding of who your tenant is. 

We know no one is perfect, so we take each holistic approach to assessing each tenant. This is about more than just their financial situation, but also their character and values.  You may have an interested tenant who is in a strong position financially but certain aspects of their character or rental history could ring alarm bells.  On the other side, you could have someone who, on paper is in a weaker financial position but can afford the rent, they have wonderful references and your values are aligned.  

Finding the perfect fit is about looking at the whole picture rather than just one element. We’re not interested in finding you just any tenant; we want to find you the tenant who will take pride in where they live, who will pay their rent on time, every time, and who will see their tenancy through until the end.

If you’re looking for a tenancy finding service, why waste your time trying other agencies when we know how to find you the perfect fit?